Design & Creative Services

    Casamira is a multi-disciplinary creative studio headquartered in Barcelona, specializing in design, art direction, and visual communication. We seamlessly fuse these disciplines to infuse excellence and vitality into projects on the global stage.
    Our core expertise lies in developing narratives that trascend the surface and mere aesthetics. We specialize in delving into the depths of concept and meaning, exploring emotional resonance, and finding the intersection between form and content. Through this exploration, we create distinctive and timeless visual languages.

Un material para imaginar

Books & Catalogues, Corporate Publications

    The book authored by PhD in Architecture Oriol París Viviana, stands as a significant tribute to the 50-year journey of Escofet 1886 in industrializing architectural facades. This literary work takes readers on a profound exploration of the nature of concrete, unraveling its potential and versatility across different scales.
    The book is a celebration of the transformative role that concrete has played in shaping architectural landscapes. Through a careful curation of remarkable projects, Oriol París Viviana presents a visual journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of architectural discourse. Each project becomes a testament to the enduring impact of Escofet, highlighting the innovative applications and adaptability of concrete in modern architectural design.
    Inspired by the stark and unembellished aesthetics of brutalism, "Un material para imaginar" stands out for its unique graphic expression. The book becomes a canvas where the visual language employed mirrors the raw characteristics of concrete itself. The marriage of text and imagery creates a dynamic interplay, allowing readers to not only intellectually comprehend but also viscerally experience the rugged beauty and robust nature of concrete structures.

Texts by Oriol París Viviana. Edition, contents and coordination by Escofet 1886. 

Here & Now

Artworks, Type & Lettering

    At Casamira, we believe in the power of design to convey profound messages. This poster design is all about making a tiny dot into something big and expressive. Its message wants to make people think about the present moment, to slow down, enjoy what's happening now, and see the world in a deeper way.
    The dots making up the letters aren't just random; they stand for all the different experiences and chances we have in the present. Each dot is like a piece of life, ready to be noticed and appreciated. The colors used are like a bunch of different experiences waiting to be found in the here and now.
    This design aims to be a reminder to take a moment and think about life. We want it to be a little nudge to appreciate the small things and see the world around you in a colorful way. An invitation to look around, and really enjoy the beauty of everyday life.

Concept and Design by Casamira. Poster available to buy at our Store.

Contemporary Xarranca

Artworks, Product, Type & Lettering

    This design was commissioned as part of a collective exhibition in Milan, Italy, curated by Visual Bleed and organized by One Shot that revolved around the theme “playground”.
    The proposal is a reinterpretation of the typical Catalan game “Xarranca,” a game often played in primary schools. The numbers that identify the game are thought to symbolize the nine worlds from Purgatory to Paradise, believed to be the game’s origin, as it is mentioned in Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”.
    A specially created typography is used to convey this message. The resulting flag serves as a dual symbol of play and spiritual journey, underscoring learning and inner growth as dynamic and narrative processes.

Exclusively crafted for an exhibition in Milan. Concept and Design by Casamira.

Reconstruction of an object

Art Direction, Photography

        Art Direction, Photography, and visual support are integral components of artist Júlia Boixadós' project, "Reconstruction of an Object." The essence of the project lies in discovering beauty within imperfections, valuing the scars of the final piece's restoration process. Through photography, the object's journey is visually narrated, emphasizing transformation and resilience.
    In this concise narrative, the project extends an invitation to perceive imperfections as integral to the object's story. Through photography, graphics, and visual elements, "Reconstruction of an Object" becomes a celebration of imperfection, where every nuance contributes to a rich tapestry of beauty and meaning.

Project part of a visual series developed by the artist to reflect about the mundane imperfections through objects that surround us.

Air Collection

Books & Catalogues, Art Direction, Corporate Publications

    Design, concept development and content strategy for the new recyclable HDPE’s collection by Escofet 1886 that promotes the idea that color is becoming more and more relevant in public space.
    The elements of the range are presented through a playful, humane and friendly visual universe. We generated the naming “Air Collection” to transmit these attributes. For its launch, we conceptualized a campaign set in the Parc del Fórum de Barcelona, an emblematic urban landscape project by the company, and a post-pandemic symbol of a return to leisure, festivals, freedom and “color”.

Texts and content by Escofet 1886. Product photography by Arnau Rovira Vidal.

Hydraulic Tiles

Product Design, Art Direction

    This hydraulic tile collection pays homage to a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation. Each design, inspired by various artistic and architectural influences, tells a unique story.
    The collection includes Ègara, a visual synthesis of the catenary arches that characterize the architectural work of Lluís Muncunill; Gala, which deconstructs atomic figures; Tao, inspired by contrasts and complementarity; Dama, which makes reference to the Op Art movement; and Tanazur, an hydraulic tile design that contemporizes the visual imaginary of tessellations in Mozarabic Art. These tiles offer endless creative possibilities with their modular and aggregable graphic systems.

Produced and commercialized by artisanal manufacturer Mosaic Girona under request. Concept and design by Casamira.

60 Years of ADG-FAD

Artworks, Type & Lettering

    To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the ADG-FAD, the most important Graphic Design & Visual Communication Association in the territory, we designed a poster as part of an exhibition in DHUB Barcelona Museum of Design.
    The graphic proposal refers to the process of designing and communicating, which is actually an act of materializing abstract elements, such as ideas, values, concepts, or messages. The number 60 evokes the image of a crystal or mineral, becoming a visual metaphor for the union, cohesion, and synergy of the members of ADG-FAD, as well as the solidification of the association over the years.

Artwork exhibited at the DHUB Barcelona Museum of Design. Concept and design by Casamira.

MycoWorks Communication

Corporate Media, Art Direction

    We have undertaken the development of several communication projects aimed at revitalizing the branding of MycoWorks, a biotechnology company established by artists with the mission to define a platform for top-tier materials utilizing Fine Mycelium.
    MycoWorks stands as a global leader, spearheading the emergence of an innovative class of premium, non-animal materials that signify the next phase in mycelium evolution. Their approach involves a strategic fusion of biotechnology, manufacturing excellence, and creative master craftsmanship, all contributing to the cultivation of the future of materials.

All the projects are developed in partnership with MycoWorks’ Creative Direction team.

The Skin of the City Catalogue

Books & Catalogues, Corporate Publications

    This editorial initiative represents a deliberate exploration of Escofet's pavings collection. The primary objective is to craft a narrative characterized by a distinct and cohesive identity. The overarching purpose is to prompt a nuanced contemplation of the urban environment, casting the city as a unique entity deserving of consideration. Within this narrative framework, pavements assume a key role, functioning not merely as utilitarian surfaces but as the metaphorical "skin" of the city, contributing to its individuality.
    This project seeks to imbue urban spaces with a humanizing touch, spotlighting often-overlooked details and underscoring the profound connection between the city and its pavements. The resulting publication invites its audience to engage in a deliberate examination of the city, encouraging a reevaluation that transcends the mundane and prompts a deeper appreciation for the aesthetic and functional significance of pavements in shaping urban identity.

Texts and content by Escofet 1886. Project awarded with an ADG Laus Award in the Editorial Publications category.

Freedom Textile Piece

Artworks & Posters, Product Design

    Inspired by the enduring spirit of Nina Simone, this innovative design is a result of experimental exploration using alternative creative languages.
    The graphical composition intricately weaves letters together in a choreographed dance, capturing the essence of rhythm and movement. Each character symbolically embodies courage, emphasizing that genuine freedom arises from a heart unshackled by fear and a shared unity among us all.
    The carefully selected textile material further emphasizes the abstract concept of freedom, underscoring its inherent flexibility. This choice signifies the design's capacity to adapt and flow harmoniously with the natural rhythm of life, echoing the dynamic and ever-changing nature of true liberation.

Produced and commercialized by local manufacturers with recycled fabric. Product available to buy at our Store.


Concept Development, Art Direction, Curatorship

    Canvas is an artistic intervention showcased during the Barcelona Design Week 2022, centered around the transformation of two concrete furniture pieces: Lungo Mare by EMBT Arquitectes and Petra by Escofet Lab.
    These items were turned into open canvases, inviting the infusion of art and vibrant colors through the art of muralist Anna Taratiel. The result of this endeavor evolved into an interactive and sensory installation, where the convergence of seemingly opposing domains - art and design, materiality and abstraction, geometry and organic forms - guided citizes into a realm of boundless interpretation and free usage. The project's ultimate aim was to carve more amiable and playful pathways for the urban denizens of Barcelona.

Visitory activity part of the Barcelona Design Week 2022. Video content by La Rectoria.

L’Art de Gaudir

Identity Design, Concept Development

    Nestled in the city center of Terrassa, L'Art de Gaudí stands as a captivating café that skillfully marries the concept of "enjoyment" with the artistic legacy of Antoni Gaudí. The establishment's name, crafted in Catalan language, serves as a clever nod to both the pleasure of its offerings and the iconic Gaudinian artistry that defines its aesthetic.
    At the heart of L'Art de Gaudí's visual identity lies the inspiration drawn from Gaudí's contemporary masterpiece—the renowned "panot" tile. This carefully selected element not only pays homage to Gaudí's ingenuity but also forms the cornerstone of a distinctive and memorable visual imprint for the café.
    This unique incorporation of the panot extends beyond mere aesthetics, serving as a metaphorical bridge that connects the past with the present. The café becomes a living canvas, where patrons are invited to immerse themselves in the artistic spirit of Gaudí while relishing moments of enjoyment.

Developed for L’Art de Gaudí. Concept, Design & Art Direction by Casamira.

Doctoral Thesis Research Publication

Books & Catalogues, Art Direction

    The cover design for the editorial publication of Dr. Núria Casamira's doctoral thesis research, conducted within the Pharmacy Faculty of the Universitat de Barcelona, is informed by a visual metaphor centered around the constituent elements of human blood, which serve as the primary thematic focus of the thesis.
    This metaphor is actualized through the integration of authentic organic specimens sourced from their native environments, subsequently processed, and meticulously photographed within a bespoke set design crafted specifically for the creation of this editorial artifact.

Released in accordance with the formal and structural specifications of the Pharmacy Faculty at UB (Barcelona University).


Artworks, Type & Lettering

    This is our contribution to the solidarity exhibition supporting the Ukrainian people, that took place at Centre for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madrid with the aim of raising funds for ACNUR, the UN refugee agency.
    We used yellow flowers to compose the artwork, paying homage to the national symbol of Ukraine. The significance of our work extends beyond its aesthetic purpose, encompassing the very process of its creation: as we meticulously placed each flower in its designated spot, we found ourselves not only engrossed in the artistic task but also connected to the present moment, fostering our own inner peace.
    The event was conducted by Dimad, Madrid’s Design Foundation, in collaboration with Fama Fest, a Graphic Activism and Social Design Organization.

Artwork exhibited at Matadero Madrid, Centre for Contemporary Creation, a notable reference point within the creative landscape of the city. Product available to buy at our Store.

We love the city

Concept, Art Direction, Campaigns

    We love the city emerges from a creative partnership with Italian illustrator Carla Di Benedetto, offering a captivating visual narrative of the evolving urban landscape. Through this visual imagery, the aim is to communicate the fresh paradigm taking root within our cities.
    Complementing this creative vision, urban furniture company Escofet curates a series of thought-provoking talks, delving into the global shift towards people-centered urban development.

Illustrations by Milan-based creative Carla Di Benedetto.

40 Years of ADI-FAD’s Delta Awards

Concept, Art Direction, Short Film, Content Strategy

    Jordi Pla Studio's Trophy design is a remarkable tribute to the 40th edition of the esteemed ADI-FAD Delta Awards, a beacon of design excellence in the region. We conceptualized, directed, and brought to life a captivating short film, skillfully encapsulating the seamless integration of creative vision and conceptual depth within the design journey.
    The resulting trophy stands as a tangible embodiment of this harmonious union, symbolizing the culmination of artistry and craftsmanship in transforming ideas into reality. It is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and innovation in design.

Project developed in partnership with Jordi Pla Studio as part of ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design) Delta Awards 40th Anniversary.

Cycle of Workshops at Espai Meraki

Identity Design, Campaigns, Content Strategy

    Visual identity for a cycle of workshops focused on providing tools for free expression and creativity through a wide variety of disciplines and fields open to all the public.
    The proposal aims to evoke a sense of curiosity, inspire creativity, and convey the inclusive nature of the workshops. It is a visual invitation for individuals of all backgrounds to come together and explore their artistic potential in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Developed for Espai Meraki, an innovative and vibrant creativity hub in the heart of Terrassa city.

Open Mind

Artworks, Type & Lettering

    Our studio's latest creation is a profound piece of artwork that serves as a visual anthem to the essential principle of maintaining an open mind. This meticulously crafted design transcends conventional boundaries, utilizing a dynamic typographic composition to convey the transformative journey that arises from liberating ourselves from preconceived thoughts and ideas.
    At the heart of this artistic endeavor lies a deliberate arrangement of letters that goes beyond mere typography; it is a narrative in visual form. Each letter becomes a symbolic representation of the unshackling of the mind. As the letters form an interconnected chain, a powerful metaphor unfolds, illustrating the inherent beauty that emerges when creativity defies confinement.

Product available to buy at our Store.


Concept, Art Direction, Content Strategy, Campaigns

    Temple is Pixie Labs' latest eyewear collection, and its launch campaign is centered around a compelling visual narrative that amplifies the essence of the collection through a distinctive and unified visual language. The visual concept aims to extend an invitation to embrace and celebrate our individuality, with the new eyewear collection serving as a means of personal expression.
    In this context, the "temple" represents a tangible or imagined space where something inherently noble is believed to reside, deserving of reverence, and where a particular science, art, or virtue is cultivated with profound devotion.

Photography by Sterling Silver under Casamira’s creative direction.

Urban Life

Books & Catalogues, Corporate Publications

    Urban Life product catalogue is a visual journey blending innovative design with urban vitality. Each page showcases the seamless integration of Escofet's creations into public spaces, emphasizing the synergy between relaxation and aesthetic enhancement. The graphic features guide users through an immersive experience, illustrating how design transforms public spaces into vibrant and welcoming environments for everyone.

Texts and content by Escofet 1886. Publication part of a series released in 2022.

Reminder Fashion Film

Art Direction, Short Film, Content Strategy

    Reminder tells a story about falling in – or rather, out – of love. Inspired by the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” by Michel Gondry (2004), Daniel Sánchez’s collection explains the process of a couple falling out of love through items of clothing that appear to have lost their shape, been erased or forgotten in an air of nostalgia and romance.
    Each of his designs features a small touch linked to objects that help us not to forget things: paper clips, notebooks, pencils, post-it notes, pens and paper. The collection presents new volumes, fabrics and proportions that float in-between dreams and reality.

Project developed in partnership with Daniel Sánchez Fuentes, the fashion designer and creative mind behind the collection.

As Above, So Below


    Artwork developed to become a portal to contemplation, a visual journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space. It prompts us to ponder our own aspirations, encouraging us to dare to aim higher and reach for the stars, for it is in these audacious moments that we discover our true capacity to make the unknown known.
    The composition unfolds with a dynamic interplay of shapes and contrasts, creating an evocative atmosphere reminiscent of cosmic wonder.

Product available to buy at our Store.

Alpine Sustainable Bench

Concept, Art Direction, Content Strategy

    The audiovisual piece unfolds through a visual metaphor, portraying the decontextualization of the Alpine sustainable bench within a mountain landscape.
    This setting mirrors the naturalistic qualities of the product, transporting the viewer to an environment where the ecological message becomes vividly clear.

Video content created in partnership with Omen Productions.